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Shocking Facts About the Meat Industry

25 Nov 2014 | 180,780 Views

But you don't, because it's covered with a cloak of secrecy designed so you keep buying it while the wool is pulled over your eyes. The problem is - it may be helping you race towards Alzheimer's or any number of nasty diseases.

Starbucks Supports Pro-GMO Company

25 Nov 2014 | 31,169 Views

Starbucks is an "environmentally friendly, socially responsible" company... that's teamed up with a leading producer of GM foods in an effort to keep you in the dark about what’s really in your food.

7 Best Foods You Can Eat

24 Nov 2014 | 81,154 Views

These foods provide valuable nutrients that many Americans are deficient in; keep your kitchen stocked with them for better health.

Common Mistakes That Can Ruin the Health Benefits of Your Salad

24 Nov 2014 | 201,501 Views

Though generally considered a healthy raw choice, this can undermine your best intentions, being linked to poor cognitive function, autism, and many chronic conditions. Here's how to avoid this risky toxin... plus, the key question you should ask when eating out.

What Are Eggplants Good For?

23 Nov 2014 | 40,297 Views

The versatile eggplant can be added to virtually any savory dish as a way to boost its nutrient content and supply your body with valuable antioxidants.

New Report Reveals Which Yogurts Are Healthy, and Which Are Best Avoided

20 Nov 2014 | 544,707 Views

Millions think of it as a health food, but it's mostly a fraud. If you aren't careful, you can wind up promoting the downfall of your gut flora, brain health, and insulin sensitivity. New study reveals the top leading healthy brands, so you add benefits instead of subtracting them.

Mushroom Extract Might Eradicate HPV Infection

17 Nov 2014 | 40,076 Views

Immune-boosting mushroom extract points to an effective way to clear up infection with the human papillomavirus (HPV).

What's New and Beneficial About Brussels Sprouts?

16 Nov 2014 | 49,984 Views

Brussels sprouts are packed with anti-inflammatory antioxidants and cancer-fighting sulfur compounds that support optimal health.

The Dangers of Eating Late at Night

15 Nov 2014 | 98,146 Views

The timing of your dinner could be triggering chronic symptoms of this very common medical complaint.

There's Something Fishy About Your Shrimp

12 Nov 2014 | 72,252 Views

When you eat shrimp, there's a very good chance you're eating seafood that's very different from what's stated on the package label or restaurant menu.


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