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Doctor Warns: Eat This and You’ll Look 5 Years Older

A new study at the Hawaii Center for Health Research showed people who consumed a lot of this "healthy" food in mid-life not only aged less gracefully, they were more likely to experience brain...

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Why You Should Always Use Organic Red Onions

26 Jun 2017 | 19,446 Views

Onions add amazing zest to nearly any type of meal, but the nutritional value the red variety contains is far more dramatic. Recent research suggests they have a much more dramatic impact on lowering your cancer risk, as they kill up to four times the cancer cells than other onions due to powerful flavonoid compounds.

Health Benefits of Artichokes

26 Jun 2017 | 8,171 Views

Examine all the health benefits of artichokes and you may head to the store immediately to pick up a few dozen. Besides silymarin, known to provide more antioxidants than blueberries, they contain multiple compounds related to cancer and dementia prevention, heart protection and improved gut health.

How to Grow Basil

23 Jun 2017 | 26,198 Views

Basil is considered to be one of the most important herbs due to its versatility in the kitchen, but it's also an ancient plant used in Ayurvedic Indian medicine. It's easy to grow if you adhere to a few crucial demands, such as making sure it gets plenty of sun. Read more for additional tips.

The Worst Kind of Meat

21 Jun 2017 | 46,901 Views

As meat production moved from small farms to an industrial production model, it produced industrial-sized problems, including growth in antibiotic-resistant disease and waterway pollution. Contract farmers may now also face the loss of their farms as corporations flood the market with cheap meat.

Factory Farms Consuming the US

20 Jun 2017 | 16,063 Views

While US food security once depended on the success of small family farms growing diverse, nutrient-rich crops, this system has been largely replaced with a standardized, industrialized agricultural process that churns out cheap, nutrient-deficient food that’s destroying the environment and contributing to chronic disease.

Sanderson and Merck Caught Deceiving Consumers

20 Jun 2017 | 18,591 Views

Poultry giant Sanderson Farms continues its crusade to keep antibiotics in their chicken while Merck was caught covering up the damaging effects of their sea lice pesticide. In the quest for healthier and more humanely raised food, it's more important than ever to seek out trusted sources.

Cherries — A Potent Super Food

19 Jun 2017 | 161,074 Views

Strangely enough, this delicious super fruit increases your melatonin levels, improving the quality and quantity of your sleep. Besides that, they've been shown to be valuable in maintaining healthy blood pressure, killing off cancer cells and helping to relieve and prevent arthritis and gout. What's not to love about these beauties?

Boil Your Unpeeled Carrots for Maximum Nutrition

19 Jun 2017 | 42,005 Views

Carrots provide the most nutrients, such as beta-carotene, which converts in your body to vitamin A, when they're left whole and boiled, experts say. Purple, red, yellow and white varieties, being developed for more nutrition, may soon appear in a market near you.

Factory Farms Belong in a Museum

06 Jun 2017 | 19,528 Views

It's time for unethical, polluting and wasteful factory farms, or CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations), to be relegated to museums. If the practice isn't stopped, planet Earth, including its wild inhabitants, could be faced with extinction.

How the Right Knife Can Increase Nutrients

05 Jun 2017 | 27,628 Views

Perhaps you didn't know the way you handle your lettuce or avocados could make a difference in the nutrients those foods provide, but new research indicates that cutting veggies rather than tearing them by hand renders compounds such as antioxidant polyphenols far more powerful and bioavailable.


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