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Dangerous Loophole in Law Permits Food Companies to Market Novel Chemicals Without Safety Disclosures

17 Dec 2014 | 25,324 Views

A loophole in the Food Additives Amendment allows these foods to be stuffed with mysterious chemicals without even sharing this information with the FDA. Plus, the food previously recognized as safe that causes as many as 7,000 deaths a year.

Time and Other Indicators of Healthy Eating

08 Dec 2014 | 55,715 Views

It's one of the simplest ways to safeguard your health and steer clear of disease. Yet it's one of health's most widely ignored basics. Just invest a little of this today and watch your health soar tomorrow. Everyone is endowed with this resource, so put it to use for your best benefit.

Five of the Healthiest and Most Affordable Foods Available

01 Dec 2014 | 249,748 Views

You don't have to spend a fortune to enjoy disease-prevention superfoods. Here's five to get started with - one of them you can grow in just days from home, and the protein, vitamin, and mineral content far surpasses that of expensive home grown vegetables.

Use Your Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey for Roast Turkey Vegetable Soup

30 Nov 2014 | 45,897 Views

Create a delicious nourishing soup using this simple recipe (and don’t throw away the turkey carcass and bones – you’re going to need them!).

How Sharing Food Makes You a Better Person

27 Nov 2014 | 30,272 Views

Sharing meals with others results in some impressive benefits for children and adults alike, but you can’t just sit at the table together... you've got to do this as well...

EWG Releases Dirty Dozen Guide to Food Additives

26 Nov 2014 | 92,456 Views

These 12 food additives are linked to cancer, reproductive damage, behavioral problems and more. Some are even banned in Europe... but they're all perfectly legal and widely used in US processed foods.

Shocking Facts About the Meat Industry

25 Nov 2014 | 291,685 Views

But you don't, because it's covered with a cloak of secrecy designed so you keep buying it while the wool is pulled over your eyes. The problem is - it may be helping you race towards Alzheimer's or any number of nasty diseases.

Starbucks Supports Pro-GMO Company

25 Nov 2014 | 71,126 Views

Starbucks is an "environmentally friendly, socially responsible" company... that's teamed up with a leading producer of GM foods in an effort to keep you in the dark about what’s really in your food.

7 Best Foods You Can Eat

24 Nov 2014 | 104,612 Views

These foods provide valuable nutrients that many Americans are deficient in; keep your kitchen stocked with them for better health.

Common Mistakes That Can Ruin the Health Benefits of Your Salad

24 Nov 2014 | 266,135 Views

Though generally considered a healthy raw choice, this can undermine your best intentions, being linked to poor cognitive function, autism, and many chronic conditions. Here's how to avoid this risky toxin... plus, the key question you should ask when eating out.


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