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Doctor Warns: Eat This and You’ll Look 5 Years Older

A new study at the Hawaii Center for Health Research showed people who consumed a lot of this "healthy" food in mid-life not only aged less gracefully, they were more likely to experience brain...

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How Important Is It to Calculate Net Carbs?

22 May 2017 | 19,805 Views

Whether you're a bicyclist, a mom or a desk jockey, you hear a lot about carbs and how they should fit into your diet. A lot of the dialogue involves counting net carbs, but calculating them correctly is crucial. Enter Chronometer, an online system to track your net carbs and more than 40 micronutrients, with a focus on nutrition analysis.

Health-Conscious Public Increasingly Embraces Ketogenic Diet

15 May 2017 | 175,995 Views

If you're like many, it's virtually impossible to shed those excess pounds - no matter how much you watch your calories or exercise. But that's because you make one of these 3 mistakes. Fix it and your metabolism can become your best friend fast.

Schisandra: China's Most Potent Medicinal Berry

08 May 2017 | 23,819 Views

Schisandra berries have become one of the newest superfoods, even if their main use is medicinal. Grown in China's mountain regions, the wild red berry features all five of the known taste sensations, exhibits an extensive set of health benefits and has helped impoverished villages thrive.

Should You Toss Moldy Bread?

06 May 2017 | 72,738 Views

What's your first reaction when you see suspicious-looking green fuzz decorating your bread? Some people might pinch off the offending fuzz and eat it anyway, but what do experts say? Is the bread still safe to eat? Here's what you need to know about foodborne mold.

New Technologies Offer Hope in Creating a More Transparent and Sustainable Food System

29 Apr 2017 | 136,525 Views

It's the strictest warning on prescription drugs where there's reasonable evidence of a serious hazard. But you could just as easily say the same thing about these foods, which should in their own right have a black box warning. So buyer beware.

What's so Great About Oregano?

28 Apr 2017 | 31,721 Views

A perennial herb that's considered a garden essential, oregano has a multitude of impressive health advantages that range from being cancer preventive to heart protective. Studies say it can help improve digestion and balance your gut microbiota and, best of all, be enjoyed for its savory essence.

The Grass Really Is Greener

28 Mar 2017 | 23,585 Views

Grass fed dairy is better for you, the environment and the cows that produce it, but grass fed still represents just a small fraction of the dairy industry as a whole. Find out why grazing cows on natural grasslands is important for environmental rejuvenation and agricultural diversity, as well as what label to look for when choosing grass fed dairy.

Prunes or Plums — Which Has More Benefits?

27 Mar 2017 | 49,443 Views

Dried plums, once known as prunes, have gotten a bad rap, as they’re linked to having a laxative effect, but for many people, this is a blessing. This outcome helps lower your risk of colon cancer, your gut develop good bacteria and may not only prevent but reverse osteoporosis.

Superfoods That Give You the Most Bang for Your Buck

20 Mar 2017 | 283,492 Views

Not only is it a godsend for your overall lifespan, but it also slashes your risk of dying from cardiovascular disease by 35 percent. But the devil's in the details. Make this mistake and all bets are off, as it turns an amazing food into one of the most toxic on Earth.

Eat This, Not That for Longer Life

20 Mar 2017 | 69,834 Views

It's a sobering truth: Food habits are linked to death from three of the deadliest diseases in the US Would you modify your diet if you knew eating the right foods in the right amounts could cut your risk in half? But what are the 'right' foods? How much should you eat?


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