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More Evidence That a High Fiber Diet Promotes Good Health

12 Oct 2015 | 175,741 Views

Want to avoid chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer? Then this may be one of the best things you can do, thanks to the "fermentation effects" which produce short-chain fatty acids associated with a reduced risk of inflammatory diseases...

Fabulous Fall Foods

12 Oct 2015 | 19,062 Views

As the temperatures start to drop, keep your fruit and veggie intake on the rise by looking for seasonal produce. Some of the healthiest vegetables and fruits come into season during the fall, and many varieties reach their peak in flavor, too.

You Won't Believe How Much Good Food Goes to Waste

05 Oct 2015 | 23,730 Views

It's bad enough when food is wasted because it spoiled in your fridge or on the farm field. It's inexcusable when food is tossed simply because of a cosmetic defect... but this happens far more than you might expect.

Documentary Reveals the Joys and Struggles of Being an Organic Farmer

03 Oct 2015 | 246,963 Views

And thanks to heroes like this guy, you don't have to - yet many do. In fact, 3 out of 4 Americans have detectable levels of this in their urine which has been linked to neurological effects such as anxiety, memory loss, and depression...

31 Foods With Surprisingly More Sugar Than Doughnuts

30 Sep 2015 | 82,348 Views

Hidden sugars are lurking in the majority of processed foods, including those you may think are healthy. From smoothies and soup to yogurt and even salads, find out how much sugar is in your favorite "health food."

Eat Your Veggies to Prevent Breast Cancer

28 Sep 2015 | 45,168 Views

If you want to slash your risk of breast cancer, eating more vegetables is one of the tastiest ways to do so. Better still, eating vegetables may lower your risk of multiple types of cancer and other chronic diseases.

Is There Really a Problem with Food Shortages in the US?

23 Sep 2015 | 28,265 Views

Fourteen percent of American households did not have enough food to eat in 2014, but is this really due to widespread food shortages as is often suggested?

Two Meals a Day Is Ideal, But Which Two Is Up to You

21 Sep 2015 | 341,891 Views

Ignore this and your body will generate excessive free radicals that will damage your tissues, accelerate aging, and contribute to chronic disease. Plus: the best thing to do before meals to shed pounds and the reason calorie restriction can make you gain them...

Industry Fights for Right to Produce Foods in Ways That Can Seriously Hurt You

16 Sep 2015 | 155,375 Views

If you love pork, you may regret watching this video as it shatters the myths the pork industry wants you to believe. Warning: this could make you feel sick...

Tips for Fermenting at Home

14 Sep 2015 | 70,138 Views

Fermented vegetables are superfoods for your gut and overall health, and making them at home is easier than you might think. Before you get started fermenting, read through these nine tips for an excellent outcome.


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