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7 Top "Healthy" Foods to Avoid

01 Jul 2015 | 129,732 Views

Many foods deemed healthy by food manufacturers and even health officials are actually junk foods in disguise. Are any of these “healthy” foods to avoid sabotaging your otherwise healthy diet?

10 Surprising Ways You Are Making Your Vegetables Less Nutritious

01 Jul 2015 | 54,092 Views

Common habits and misinformation can cause you to drastically slash the nutrient content of your fruits and vegetables. Simple tips are included to help ensure you're getting the maximum nutrition from your produce.

Top Summer Foods for Health

29 Jun 2015 | 33,793 Views

When the temperatures climb, cooling foods promote balance and harmony in your body. Fortunately, nature is full of naturally “cold” foods to keep your body cool and hydrated on a hot summer day.

Anti-Cancer Benefits of Avocado

29 Jun 2015 | 46,352 Views

Avocados are a superfood for your heart, but did you know they may help prevent cancer too? New research revealed the cancer-fighting properties of avocados might even be effective against a rare and deadly form of leukemia.

Adding Nuts to Your Diet May Help You Live Longer

22 Jun 2015 | 240,274 Views

What if you could lower your risk of death from heart disease by 29 percent, 24 percent from respiratory disease, and 11 percent from cancer just by munching on a tasty snack? Two separate studies now show this may be possible for you, too.

Your Kitchen Pantry Is Probably Still Full of Toxins

17 Jun 2015 | 52,536 Views

Despite the accumulating evidence showing bisphenol-A is harmful, many food companies still use the chemical in their canned goods. A new investigation revealed which brands still use BPA, but unfortunately many companies are replacing BPA with an equally toxic alternative called BPS.

6 Foods That Will Taste Better in June Than They Will All Year

15 Jun 2015 | 40,520 Views

Wondering what's in-season when you head to your local farmer's market? These fruits and vegetables are at their peak right now during the summer month of June.

Why You Should Add a Poached Egg to Your Salad

15 Jun 2015 | 39,296 Views

Adding poached eggs to your salad is not only delicious, it also has a significant effect on the nutrients therein. Learn about this and other ways to hack your salad for an even more nutritious lunch or dinner.

Freeze Your Spoiling Fruit

01 Jun 2015 | 31,388 Views

Frozen fruit makes a healthy summertime treat. Eat it whole or you can even blend it into a sorbet with no added sugar. In addition, when you freeze spoiling fruit, it halts the ripening process, extending its shelf-life so you cut down on food waste.

The Best Fish for Your Health and the Earth

01 Jun 2015 | 84,774 Views

The best seafood options are low in contaminants, high in omega-3 fats, and harvested in a sustainable way. Some of the most popular types of seafood in the US are actually among the worst for your health and the environment.


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