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2015 Dietary Guidelines Include Healthy Revisions, but Still Falls Short for Effective Prevention of Heart Disease

10 Feb 2016 | 154,566 Views

After being an innocent victim cast into jail for over 40 years, finally the science has been addressed - and the new limits could save tens of thousands of lives, including yours.

Foods With Flavonoids May Help With Erectile Dysfunction

01 Feb 2016 | 30,679 Views

Prescriptions for just one medication used to address erectile dysfunction (ED) have reached over 35 million men worldwide. However, unlike a pharmaceutical approach aimed at one symptom, incorporating flavonoids into your diet may improve your ED and numerous other health conditions.

For Optimal Health and Weight, Eat Real Food

30 Jan 2016 | 217,992 Views

Despite some distinct differences, all truly healthy people are marked by this single habit. It's also the disease slashing "secret" your great-grandmother used in the days before modern medicine. And it's STILL the key that can unlock phenomenal health. Embrace it today.

Polluters Invent New Way to Catch Fish for Dinner

27 Jan 2016 | 28,679 Views

After dumping so much hazardous waste in a New Jersey river that the fish are no longer fit to eat, potentially liable companies ask residents to trade in their toxic, locally caught fish for another option.

What Is This Tiny Black Seed and What Is It Good For?

25 Jan 2016 | 46,694 Views

"Black seed," also known as black cumin, is described as a "miracle herb" and "cure all." Used traditionally to support the immune system, aid digestion and soothe respiratory issues, black cumin now has scientific support for its use in the treatment and prevention of numerous chronic diseases.

Is Black Pudding the Next Bacon?

18 Jan 2016 | 43,075 Views

This pork-based food is a mainstay in England, but has yet to become popular in the U.S. Recent headlines claim, however, that black pudding deserves superfood status due to its unique mix of ingredients, including pork fat and blood.

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Lychee Fruit

18 Jan 2016 | 23,875 Views

This sweet, fragrant fruit is typically enjoyed for its unique flavor, but it offers unique health benefits too. Rich in vitamin C and other beneficial plant compounds, lychee fruit can be a healthy and tasty addition to your diet.

Eat Your Organic Orange Peels

11 Jan 2016 | 36,487 Views

Next time you eat an orange, don't toss away the peel. Blending it into a smoothie or grating the zest over a salad can add an impressive number of phytochemicals to your diet for disease-fighting, health-boosting benefits.

Documentary Explores Link Between Mood and Diet

09 Jan 2016 | 186,822 Views

Forget calorie counting. If you feel like your cravings have too much power over you, the solution to getting back in control may be easier than you think with these little-known techniques.

18 Foods That Promote Longevity

04 Jan 2016 | 269,684 Views

The running thread linking obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease is chronic inflammation. Control that and you're on your way to reversing and preventing disease and living a long, healthy life. Include these 18 superfoods and drinks that can help...


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