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Doctor Warns: Eat This and You’ll Look 5 Years Older

A new study at the Hawaii Center for Health Research showed people who consumed a lot of this "healthy" food in mid-life not only aged less gracefully, they were more likely to experience brain...

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Organic Leaders Take Fight for Authentic Organics to the Grocery Aisles

14 Dec 2017 | 125,588 Views

Fake organics abound these days - and with the inclusion of this in the organic standards, it's at risk of becoming altogether moot. In particular, don't buy from these popular retailers, or you'll be paying a premium for a hoax.

The Nutrition Wars and Downfall of Big Food

13 Dec 2017 | 112,327 Views

Could this dinosaur be about to die, as things are thrown into disarray? It's great news, but it's causing online incivility to get bad among dietitians. Stay tuned for this coming attraction.

Quick Tips to Grow Chives

08 Dec 2017 | 12,316 Views

Visually appealing and topped with lavender flowers, these may help reduce aphid population around your ornamental plants and make a nutritious and tasty addition to your food. I'll share how to grow, harvest and enjoy them all year.

Eating the Right Foods Can Give Your Mood a Boost

30 Nov 2017 | 183,961 Views

If you suffer from anxiety or depression, cutting out these brain- and mood-wrecking culprits could work wonders for your mental health. Also, make sure you dose up on this vitamin - it's critical for psychological well-being.

GMO Apples Arriving at Grocery Stores

21 Nov 2017 | 27,876 Views

Genetically engineered (GE) apples that don't turn brown when sliced are already being sold in the Midwest - and they're not labeled as such. It's the first time a GMO product is being sold to appeal directly to consumers, but whether people accept or reject them remains to be seen.

Increasing Fiber Decreases Major Health Risks

20 Nov 2017 | 19,071 Views

A new study has confirmed what many scientists have known for years: That eating a high-fiber intake is associated with lower mortality risk from serious chronic diseases. The impact your intestinal bacteria play in your health is immense, experts say, influencing your overall health for good or ill.

Blueberries and Dark Chocolate Hold Powerful Properties

20 Nov 2017 | 30,548 Views

In the past it was explorers; now scientists are searching for the 'fountain of youth,' and it seems at least a few of them have been revealed. Recent studies on powerful blueberry and chocolate compounds show new potential in reversing aspects of the aging process in humans.

Soy - Health Food or Not?

13 Nov 2017 | 33,916 Views

Soy products have been a controversial topic since they stormed the market a few decades ago. Many health advocates claim soy, such as tofu, soy milk and soybean oil, are good for you - learn the truth here.

How Oysters May Help Reduce Nitrogen Pollution

08 Nov 2017 | 10,148 Views

Oysters are small, bivalve mollusks that can filter up to 50 gallons of water in one day and have a unique microbiome living on their shells and in the sediment near them. These features may offer a unique method of filtering excess nitrogen from saltwater and help prevent toxic summertime blooms.

Top 22 Foods to Add Years of Healthy Life

06 Nov 2017 | 205,285 Views

One combats nearly every aspect of metabolic syndrome, a risk factor of dementia. The other contains MCTs, a source of ketone bodies, which act as an alternate brain fuel to help prevent brain atrophy. Plus 20 more remarkable foods that could add years to your life.


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